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Russell Watson – 20

Russell Watson, the best-selling Classical artist in the UK, is celebrating twenty years since the release of ‘The Voice’ with his new album ’20’. ’20’, produced by Ian Tilley, is an anniversary release which captures key moments in his career with 13 newly recorded songs sung in his unmistakable trademark tenor. Out 23rd October. Watch the brand new video for Il Gladiatore below….

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Aled Jones – Blessings

The brand new album from Aled Jones, produced by Ian Tilley, is out 6th November 2020, with guest appearances from Dame Judi Dench, Sami Yusuf, Susan Boyle and more. Featuring a range of uplifting hymns, texts and scriptures set to music, the album touches on a range of faiths and beliefs. Listen to ‘Song of our Maker’ (with Sami Yusuf) below.

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